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Ethereum Betting Sites – Cricket Betting with Ethereum

The number of people using Ethereum to bet online in India is growing all the time.

It is an alternative cryptocurrency that is welcomed by the best betting sites.

Uncover all you need to start using Ethereum to fund your online cricket bets

Best Ethereum Betting Sites In India

How to Start Betting with Ethereum

The first thing you need to do to start betting online is to open an Ethereum betting site account from our list.

We have rated the top options to narrow your search for the best.

As soon as you have given your details and logged into your new bookie account, you can quickly start to use Ethereum to add gambling funds. Setting up an Ethereum wallet is also simple to do.

Fund Your Betting Account

It is easy to fund your betting site account with Ethereum. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Log into your betting account
  2. Go to the deposit section of the site
  3. Choose Ethereum as your deposit method
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  5. Select enter once you are ready to deposit
  6. Fill in the Ether transfer request to have the funds put in your account

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency blockchain that can be used to fund the best betting sites in India.

Like other crypto options, it is a virtual, decentralised currency that allows funds to be stored digitally and transferred instantly.

Ethereum’s currency is known as Ether or ETH and offers good value compared to Bitcoin.

Yes. Ethereum is legal in India and is as safe to use as other cryptocurrencies and e-wallets.

The country’s Supreme Court essentially legalised digital currency with a ruling in March 2020.

There has previously been a directive that allowed banks not to offer services to those who were involved in cryptocurrency.

However, the 2020 ruling was a big positive for those who use Ethereum and should also see a greater number of India’s best betting sites accepting it as a way of people funding their online gambling accounts.

The sites that accept ETH are regulated and also operate with high levels of security, so customers can have peace of mind.

Why Bet with Ethereum Betting Sites?

New cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are becoming more and more popular to fund online cricket betting.

A big factor in this is that more sites are accepting it as a payment method. Many who accept Bitcoin are now also accepting ETH.

Betting with Ethereum also comes with a range of benefits, including how quick it is to move money and the appeal of not having to register your card details.

No Need for Banking Details

The biggest advantage of using Ethereum for cricket betting is that you don’t need to give your bank details to your chosen bookie.

For those who have many different betting accounts, this can be seen as a big benefit. It also adds an extra layer of security as well.

You will still have to give your basic personal details when you register with a betting site but you don’t need to give your bank details.

It works just the same as when using other banking methods.

Quick Deposits

The speed you can make deposits also makes betting with Ethereum betting sites appealing.

Like other cryptos, it is possible to fund your betting account with Ethereum almost instantly.

Shifting funds so quickly without the need to wait can be useful when looking to bet on the latest odds or if you need extra cash to place live bets.

Those who like to bet on the go from their mobile devices and those that enjoy using cricket betting apps can also find crypto appealing for the same reasons.

Deposit Times and Fees

Making a deposit to your chosen Ethereum betting site is very quick. You can add funds to your account instantly.

Betting Site Deposit Time Fee
Rabona Instant No
22Bet Instant No
10CRIC Instant No
1xBet Instant No
Sportsbet.io Instant No
Megapari Instant No


Avoid Exchange Fees

Ethereum doesn’t need to be exchanged to be used by a betting site.

As with other cryptocurrencies, it can be moved around quickly from your Ethereum wallet to your betting account.

It means you can avoid additional fees when making transactions into your betting account that you may experience with traditional currency use.

Withdraw in Ethereum

Once you have linked your Ethereum wallet to your betting account and made a deposit, making a withdrawal is just as simple.

Simply go to the withdrawal section of your betting site and follow the steps to put your Ethereum winnings back into your wallet.

Again, you will avoid unnecessary exchange fees at this time.

Get An Ethereum Betting Bonus

The more cryptocurrency becomes accepted, the more betting bonuses will be available for them.

There are already plenty of top betting sites in India that welcome Ethereum and have a range of betting offers and bonuses.

Use Sportsbet.io’s Free Bet Offer

Sportsbet.io is a crypto-focused betting site, so using them and their bonuses is worth considering.

Anyone who opens a new account and places their first bet through the Android app will receive a ₹1000 free bet the following day.

This first bet can be on any sport but must be at least ₹1000 to qualify. It has no rollover requirements. Check terms and conditions.

Signing up with them is appealing because they are geared up for crypto, including Ethereum.

How to Get an Ethereum Wallet

You can purchase Ethereum with rupees as well as many other currencies.

There are a number of wallets on offer to suit many different needs.

The Ethereum website is an excellent portal for discovering more about how to get started.

There is a helpful guide there that will suggest wallets that suit you the best.

Once you have got a wallet and have added Ethereum to it, this can then be quickly linked to your chosen Indian betting site.

How to Buy Ethereum for Betting

One of the simplest ways to buy Ethereum in India is to use one of the country’s exchanges for cryptocurrency.

You can also set up a wallet with them if you haven’t done so already. Ethereum can then be bought after you have linked your wallet to your bank account. From here you can trade it online.

However, some wallets will also allow you to buy ETH through them directly without have to go to an exchange.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India include:

  • WazirX– A trusted India crypto exchange
  • CoinDCX – High on security and low on fees
  • Unocoin– Has many users
  • Zebpay– A popular platform in India
  • BuyUCoin– Has multiple crypto options

Ether Denominations

Like start currencies and other crypto options, Ether can be broken down into smaller amounts.

The smallest amount is known as a Wei. One Ether is around 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Wei or 1018 Wei.

Denomination Also known as ETH Value
Ether ETH 1
Milliether Finney 0.001
Microether Szabo 0.000001
Gwei Shannon 0.000000001
Mwei Lovelace 0.000000000001
Kwei Babbage 0.000000000000001
Wei N/A 0.000000000000000001


Advantages of Ethereum Betting Sites

Using ETH to fund your cricket betting in India has plenty of advantages.

  • ✅ Legal in India
  • ✅ Makes depositing and withdrawing quicker
  • ✅ Has extra security measures in place
  • ✅ Less personal information needed
  • ✅ Avoids currency exchange fees
  • ✅ Cheaper alternative to Bitcoin
  • ✅ Becoming more popular

Disadvantages of Ethereum Betting Sites

There are also some disadvantages that should be considered with using this method to fund online cricket betting.

  • ❌ Ethereum is not yet accepted by every betting site
  • ❌ You must get a special cryptocurrency wallet
  • ❌ You need to be aware of value changes of ETH
  • ❌ Not as many Ethereum bonuses


Ethereum betting sites are on the rise, which means using this crypto to fund cricket betting is now a good option.

Using ETH can speed up deposits and withdrawals and make transferring money both cheaper and easier.

Ethereum is also legal in India and offers extra safety measures.

Ethereum Betting Sites – Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is Ethereum Legal in India?

A. Ethereum is legal in India and offers extra safety measures for those looking to fund cricket betting accounts.

Q. Can I Bet with Ethereum?

A. Yes, you can bet online in India with the best Ethereum betting sites. It takes just a few minutes to link your Ethereum wallet to your betting account.

Q. How Do I Fund My Betting Account with Bitcoin

A. It is easy to fund your cricket betting site with Ethereum. It takes just a few simple steps and avoids exchange fees.

Q. Can I Buy Ethereum for Betting?

A. Yes, buying Ethereum for betting can be done easily online. You can use a cryptocurrency exchange or do it directly through your chosen Ethereum wallet.