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AstroPay – A Prepaid Card for Betting in India

If you’re looking to use betting sites in India without depositing with a credit or debit card, then prepaid card solutions such as AstroPay could be for you. They’re available to buy online and bettors can add their desired amount in Rupees (INR).

Then you can deposit at online bookmakers and casinos in India without needing to give your personal bank details, simply use the 16-digit number and security code on your virtual AstroPay card instead. We’ll take a look at how the process works, where you can use it for online gaming, and everything else you need to know.

Top AstroPay Betting Sites in India

Cricket Betting Sites Accept AstroPay

We’re pleased to see that several of our top-rated cricket betting sites welcome deposits using AstroPay in India. With many bettors looking for alternatives to traditional debit and credit card payments, there are often plenty of other choices on offer.

The additional safety and security offered by AstroPay’s prepaid cards is a big positive. It’s simple and easy to register for one online or via their mobile app and they work in the same way as traditional cards for betting, but without the link to a bank account. What’s more, they’re totally virtual, there’s no need to wait around for a physical copy to arrive via post.

Deposit with AstroPay at 10Cric

10Cric is one of our highly-rated cricket betting sites. They are exclusive to the Indian market, so you can be sure of a huge range of odds for popular events such as the IPL, Cricket World Cup and international series across all formats. 10Cric offers deposits through a range of different methods including AstroPay, e-wallets such as Skrill, and even cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. However, you want to fund your sportsbook account we’re confident that they have a choice to suit. New customers can get a 100% bonus up to 10,000 INR when opening an account. They’re definitely one of the best choices when it comes to an AstroPay betting site.

Royal Panda Accept AstroPay in India

As well as being a respected online casino brand, Royal Panda offer cricket betting to customers in India. There is a huge range of cricket odds to pick from covering tournaments across the world, plus plenty of other sports too. They have easy to understand promotions and bonuses, which is great news, especially if you’re new to the world of online betting. An AstroPay card is just one of nine payment methods on offer. Every transaction processed instantly with no fees.

Bet with confidence using AstroPay

Prepaid banking methods such as AstroPay card offer extra safety and security when betting online. Many players would rather avoid giving a bookmaker their bank details if possible. This isn’t because the site is untrustworthy – all of our top-rated bookies offer impressive levels of security for processing information and payments – but there’s another level of safety by using a third-party service. The whole process of signing up is online, there’s no need to purchase a card in person from a retail outlet. This also means that there’s no physical card at risk of being lost or stolen. You still have card details to use for deposits though. The company has plenty of experience too. AstroPay has processed over 250 million online payments using their cards.

Instant Deposits at Betting Sites with AstroPay

Because of the similarities with traditional bank cards, deposits using AstroPay are usually processed instantly. Entering the 16-digit card number and security code means adding funds into your betting account takes no time at all. A few clicks and as long as you’ve entered the details correctly, the money will be deposited very quickly. If you’re in a rush to place a bet, you can be assured of no delays in adding money into your bankroll.

Free to Register for AstroPay

Getting signed up with AstroPay is really easy. Best of all, it’s free. You won’t be charged for signing up for the virtual card, or for processing transactions. The process takes just a few minutes on their website or mobile app. The information you need to provide includes

  • Email
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Country
  • Password
  • Default Currency

No Need to Give Your Bank Details

Although AstroPay offers an experience almost identical to using a physical debit card, there is no direct link to your bank or financial institution. This means that it provides an additional layer of security and safety for those who want extra assurances. As a prepaid card, you can control the amount of funds available to bet using it. Once that amount has been deposited, it’s not possible to access any additional funds. The safety and option to limit the amount of spending with a betting site make it an obvious choice in India.

Make Multiple Payments from One Card

It’s possible to make more than one deposit with a bookmaker using an AstroPay card. Once your card has funds added to it, how you use them is up to you. That could include deposits with one betting site or several. There are also plenty of online retailers operating in India who accept it as a payment option for their services.

Withdraw Your AstroPay Balance into A Bank Account

There’s a good level of flexibility, even once you’ve added funds onto your virtual card. If there is a balance left on your AstroPay card account, you can transfer it back into your bank of choice. This is a straightforward process and means that if you change your mind about how to use the funds, they can be sent back to your bank.

No Fees When Betting Using AstroPay Card

Avoiding additional costs when betting is an important consideration. Where possible, choosing a payment method where you won’t be charged to make deposits and withdrawals with online bookmakers is a good option. AstroPay certainly has that area covered. The ability to set Indian Rupees (INR) as your chosen currency should mean there are no fees charged for moving funds in and out of your sportsbook accounts. This is one of the reasons we rate INR betting sites so highly.

Full Control Over Your Money Including Apps for iOS and Android

As well as their website, which is really easy to use, AstroPay has an app too. This way you can access your virtual card on your smartphone when you need to. They have versions in the Apple App Store as well as through Google Play. Many people now bet on an online betting app, rather than a desktop site.

Regardless of your device, you’ll be able to access your account instantly. It’s worth noting that you might need to register a username and password for mobile and desktop. Just because you’ve set up one it doesn’t mean it’ll be valid across every device.

Disadvantages of Using AstroPay

Although there are some big positives for using an AstroPay card when betting online, it’s not the perfect solution. We strive for honesty in everything we do, including reviews of bookmakers and payment methods. With that in mind, here are the negative factors to consider when using this prepaid deposit choice.

It’s Not Possible to Withdraw from Betting Sites to AstroPay

The major disadvantage of AstroPay compared to other payment choices is that it’s only available for deposits. You can use it for deposits easily, but it’s not possible to add additional money. If you wish to withdraw funds from your betting account you’ll need another method such as e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

AstroPay Cards Expire After One Year

When you purchase a card through AstroPay, it will be available to use very quickly. However, it’s worth noting that they expire after 12 months. If you want to keep using the option for deposits, simply register for a new virtual card as the expiry date approaches.

Not Accepted Everywhere

At the moment, not every sports gambling site that we recommend accepts AstroPay card as a payment method. There are a couple of big names that do, including 10Cric who are exclusive to Indian residents. Like e-wallets, prepaid cards are growing in popularity in the gaming industry. We expect more bookies and casinos to add AstroPay to their list of available deposit methods in the future.

Pros and Cons for Indian Customers Using AstroPay for Betting



  • Free to sign up
  • Increased security
  • Accept customers in India
  • Available on desktop or mobile
  • Instant deposits with betting sites
  • No fees when making deposits


  • Not able to withdraw from betting sites
  • Card expires after a year
  • Not accepted by every cricket betting site

Summary – Should I Use AstroPay for Betting Sites in India?

AstroPay pre-paid cards are definitely worth considering as a payment method for betting sites in India. As a banking option, they offer a whole new level of safety and security. None of your bank details need to be submitted in order to make a deposit with a bookmaker. However, you still get the usual card details for deposits. Withdrawals aren’t possible to AstroPay, but the increased level of protection makes them a good option.

A fully virtual solution, AstroPay cards can be brought online and topped up with your desired balance on desktop or via their app. Then, you can use them as a normal bank card including a 16-digit number and security code. However, they are never linked to your bank. They’re valid for 12 months after purchase but expire after a year. Although it’s not possible to use AstroPay everywhere yet, more betting sites are accepting deposits using these prepaid cards.

AstroPay – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Withdraw from a Betting Site Using AstroPay?

A. Generally it’s not possible to withdraw funds to an AstroPay card, only deposit. However, there are plenty of other banking methods available with sports gambling sites in India.

Q. Is AstroPay Available in India?

A. Yes, AstroPay is widely available in India. Indian Rupees (INR) is available as a default currency when registering for a new card.

Q. Where can I deposit with AstroPay?

A. Several of our top-rated cricket betting sites accept deposits using AstroPay cards. They include 10Cric and Royal Panda.

Q. What is the maximum balance on an AstroPay card?

A. Currently, the largest balance possible is 34,600 INR.

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