Jos Buttler: Your mind is your biggest asset

Busy period for England star

Jos Buttler England

England wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler is navigating a particularly busy period.

Buttler was part of England's recent tour of South Africa, which featured four Tests, three ODIs and as many T20Is. He has been named in the squad for the upcoming tour of South Africa and will play for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League later this year. Buttler will be accompanied by fellow Englishman Ben Stokes at the Royals.

“I think trying to manage your energy, it's actually a real skill of the best players around the world. Learning how to peak at the time you walk to the middle is a massive skill that comes with experience, but you can learn that from watching guys go about it and trying to work out how you do that authentically for yourself,” he said.

“Of course you need to find breaks in your schedule, because your mind is your biggest asset, and you need to make sure you can bring that to the best place when you turn up to games of cricket. But there's a crop of guys who are the best players in the world and they're the best players across all the formats.”

Buttler and Test cricket

Buttler has been a relatively permanent fixture in England‘s Test XI since May 2018's return, which came on the back of a superb stretch of form in the IPL.

“I love T20 cricket and it allows you to go out without as many consequences and you can take more risks and move the game on. To play in that white-ball team again was great because that is the most fun team I have played in for a long time, so that was a great change up,” he added.

“I can't think of any times I've played well in Test cricket and gone out and been really aggressive in the way I do in the white-ball game,” he added. “In white-ball cricket it might look like risky shots but it doesn't feel like a risk because of the way you break down the probabilities of the game.”

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